We accelerate your business growth in the public sector

Any business must continue to look for ways to grow in sales, create new products or services. Strategic partnerships can play a significant role in boosting growth for your company. No matter your company’s size, a collaborative partnership with BridgeHead can help increase revenue from the public sector.

Growth through partnerships

Our partnership with corporate clients is built on our knowledge of – and network within – the public sector. We help government institutions and corporations to create a shared vision and strong purpose that will add value through partnership and cooperation, more than what either entity could produce on its own. We believe that public private partnership can and will make public services succesful. BridgeHead is proud to have been at the heart of many success stories.


Trust is essential for successful cooperation.
At BridgeHead we build long term relationships in order to foster long term success. Trust and cooperation benefits all. Both government and business in the end have the same central stakeholder: the public.

International Network

The networked government is here. Solving today’s problems in societies requires international collaboration. The solutions our clients offer to the public sector often cross our national borders. Especially in the field of Defense and Security.

Our long partnership with Hill+Knowlton gives us access to an international network of specialists with local knowledge and global experience. Brussels is at arm’s length of our shared office in The Hague.

Code of conduct

We stand for 100% compliancy towards the rules of public procurement. Our ethical standards and Corporate Code of Conduct are fully compliant with the Charter of the Dutch Professional Association for Public Affairs.