Bridging the gap between your company and the government

For more than 10 years, we’ve been bridging the gap between companies and government organisations, creating understanding and helping them do business with each other.

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Successfully do business with the government

We’re here to ensure companies enjoy a successful and effective collaboration with the government.

With extensive industry knowledge and a diverse network, BridgeHead is able to connect companies across borders and align them with governmental programs. Our team creates leads, completes deals and provides vital insights into complex government issues.

By proactively responding to political decision-making and positioning our clients with the right message, we can nurture a mutual understanding between them both, whilst promoting cooperation across the public and private sectors.

For more than ten years, we’ve bridged the divide between the government and companies

A successful entrepreneur needs to make connections

“We are always looking for innovative ways to realise plans.”

Joost Rotteveel Mansveld

Expertise and guidance

We specialise in mediating a successful cooperation between companies and the government, regardless of the complexity of the project or stakeholder involvement. It’s something we’ve been doing successfully for over a decade

During this time, we’ve become a trusted advisor to corporations whenever they enter into dealings with the government. We remain at the forefront of new developments by consistently monitoring, assessing and understanding areas such as market changes, dossier publications, and policy changes. Such a balanced view allows us to be the perfect mediator between the business community and the government.

Making positive connections is in our DNA and we help to guide the interactions between influential stakeholders through a personal and transparent approach. With our broad, relevant and valuable network, both in government organisations and in the Dutch business community, we can focus on achieving a win-win situation for our clients and the government.

We handle complex cases in sectors such as Defence & Security, Digital Government, Banking & Finance, Energy & Sustainability, Healthcare and Cyber Security.

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