Working on societal challenges together


Experience creates connections

Our team has worked in both the public and private sector across the fields of economics, public administration and political science. We use our extensive experience and connections to monitor the political decision-making process, identify any developments and link the decisions of politicians and government to the expertise of our clients.

Bridging the gap between the public and private sector

The Netherlands is rapidly changing. Not only does this offer challenges, but also opportunities. BridgeHead believes that the cooperation between companies and government will lead to solutions that serve the interests of society.

Defence & Security

Investing in security and a safer environment

Banking & Finance

An open ecosystem

eHealth Care

The digital transformation of healthcare and the patient’s right of information

Digital Government

Digital transformation of Government

Energy & Sustainability

A business climate starts at BridgeHead

Cyber Security

Making the intangible, tangible

Together we strengthen your position