Business Development & Partnering

Creating valuable partnerships

The public and private sector

BridgeHead exists to establish partnerships between companies and government, yet we’re only ever contracted by companies. We work with all areas of government and organisations: ministries, independent administrative bodies and agencies. We believe that the best solutions in society come from public private partnerships.

Our team builds bridges between ideas and players in both domains. We assist clients in understanding issues, to deal with politics, and getting the message right to successfully develop business in the public sector. Our international network enables us to connect the desire for innovative business solutions in the Netherlands, to proven concepts from anywhere in the world.

We aim to give the government a better understanding of national and international markets. We also help parties to create a common ground and to understand what the drivers, motivations and concerns of each party are. We act as a trusted advisor party to create a win-win situation for all involved and to find solutions that serve the interests of society.

The power of knowledge and a large network of people

At BridgeHead, we know and understand how the government works and who is pulling the strings. By combining knowledge and instant access to a large network of people, we are both fast and successful in establishing valuable partnerships between companies and/or government. We offer clients a fast-track in their business development, deal creation and partnering.

The power of knowledge and a large network of people