Public Affairs & Positioning

Monitoring and interpreting the political environment

Political decision-making

Political decision-making always plays a role when our clients do business with the government. For example, the major defence materiel projects are always subject to parliamentary approval – with the performance of the government discussed and audited by parliamentary processes.

We keep our clients informed of developments that may affect them. We clearly explain if they could have an impact on the business proposition. When necessary, we enter into dialogue with political-stakeholders. In this way, we can position the interests and ideas of our clients with transparency, content and in the interest of collaboration.

Monitoring and connecting

We monitor the political decision-making process, identify any developments and link the decisions of politicians and government to the expertise of our clients. We also strive to ensure that decisions do not negatively affect our clients. If this does happen, we will jointly prepare a positioning strategy that can properly respond to business developments – and ensure we maintain a level playing field.

Make important developments and connections