Stakeholder Engagement

Liaising between companies and government

Building trust

BridgeHead connects governmental decisions, political issues and/or regulation to the value propositions of its clients. We monitor political debates, government decision-making and assess these specifically for the potential of creating new deals or the impact on current contracts of our clients. Our team analyses the impact of political statements on the business of our clients and designs a strategy and message to engage with relevant stakeholders to create mutual understanding and to build trust.

The importance of shared insights and mutual understanding

It’s very important for our clients to understand what the issues and drivers of stakeholders are within government. Therefore, we help them gain insight into the ‘politics’ of a deal that often happens outside of parliament. Aligning the purpose of the deal with the business model of our clients or a consortium, helps them in doing business with government more successfully. This involves creating a setting for open dialogue on both sides with the aim of finding a shared language in describing the issue and the solution. This keeps the balance between political expectations and the execution power of both government and market.

At BridgeHead, we maintain an active dialogue with the government on our fields of expertise and on behalf of our clients. Our network and knowledge help us to deliver mutual understanding in complex and often difficult deals. A good deal can only arise when stakeholders truly understand what’s at stake for the other and why there is often competition between these stakes.

Align your business with government deals